Based in Ridgeland, MS, USA Based in Ridgeland, MS, USA

About Us

As children of the Most High King, it is our born again rite to decree and declare what the King of Kings have spoken concerning our lives.

I AM Travon Thomas the creator and designer of I AM The Brand. I can truly say that if it wasn't for the grace of God I wouldn't be writing this. Before I gave my life to God I found myself in a few dark and low places. The problem was me struggling with self-identity and feeling the need to be accepted by people. God showed me in His word that I was already accepted through His Son Jesus and that I was chosen before the foundation of the world. I never thought of God in that way and what I was accustom to thinking started to change. I could feel God's love towards me as I built a relationship with Him causing me to seek God for who He is and not what I could get. Spending time with God in His word begin to change the mindset and way I viewed myself in Christ. I realized I didn’t have to be spiritually bullied anymore by the enemy. Satan could no longer convince me to feel like God was far away and that I didn’t belong to Him. God helped me realize I was living beneath His standards for my life, and how it all began with the words coming out of my mouth. I learned fast that my thoughts and the way I spoke had to change quickly. I started fighting back with the power of my words. I simply started decreeing and declaring what God already said about who I AM.

I AM thankful to God that I can say I am a born-again believer with a heart after God! I decided to create this platform that tells a story of my own life with hopes of inspiring anyone who may be searching for identity and battling inner conflict. Now that I know my identity is in Christ, thanks to my shepherd, Pastor Timothy Minter, I want to share with the world who Jesus is to me and give guidance to people looking to identify with their inner selves and who God called them to be.

I want to encourage people to simply own what God has said about their lives and live in the expectation that it is to become their reality. It is my hope that all people will come to say that I AM made in the image of God, according to the words of God but not as a statement of religion. My prayer is that we all become the physical image of what the word of God is describing on two feet just as Jesus demonstrated. Our words and actions should always uphold what we believe and say as the Holy Spirit displays His presence in these earthly vessels.

The vision behind I AM begins with the statement of the person describing themselves and being able to put words to their purpose. The brand is based on the word of God blended with inspirational and empowering statements to speak to the hearts and minds of those in search of worth and to help make that someone stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights to who God has said they are.

In essence, I believe in the word and power of God, the power of uniqueness, authenticity and purpose, so to me, It's not a name, It's not a label, It’s not a product. It’s who I AM.  Shop here and help me reach the masses for the Great I AM.